Jun 042009

Naughty America continues to wow the internet with hot videos from popular reality porn sites like 2 ChicksSameTime, IHaveaWife and NaughtyAthletics.

Here are the 3 most recent NaughtyAmerica videos added to the Naughty America porn collection:

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<A href="http://naughtyamericasites.com/dirtywivesclub/dirtywivesclub-/"><img src="http://naughtydrive.com/nadwc//hor_tour_scene_trailer.jpg" alt="naughtyamerica"></A><br>
<A href="http://naughtyamericasites.com/dirtywivesclub/dirtywivesclub-/"><strong>2019-05-22 – dirtywivesclub Lena Paul and Kyle Mason</strong></a><br><br><A href="http://naughtyamericasites.com/americandaydreams/americandaydreams-/"><img src="http://naughtydrive.com/add//hor_tour_scene_trailer.jpg" alt="naughtyamerica"></A><br>
<A href="http://naughtyamericasites.com/americandaydreams/americandaydreams-/"><strong>2019-05-21 – americandaydreams Memphis Monroe and James Deen</strong></a><br><br><A href="http://naughtyamericasites.com/insidenaughtyamerica/insidenaughtyamerica-/"><img src="http://naughtydrive.com/add//hor_tour_scene_trailer.jpg" alt="naughtyamerica"></A><br>
<A href="http://naughtyamericasites.com/insidenaughtyamerica/insidenaughtyamerica-/"><strong>2019-05-17 – insidenaughtyamerica Brooklyn Gray and Casey Calvert and Dee Williams and Emma Hix and Jane Wilde and Jennifer White and Ryan Keely and Sarah Jessie and Whitney Wright and Bambino and Derrick Pierce and Donny Sins and Jon Jon and Quinton James and Rion King and Ryan Driller</strong></a><br><br>

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Nov 122008

Hey NaughtyAmerica fans, just wanted to let you know that NaughtyAmericaTube.com is where you can find free video trailers of the famous NaughtyAmerica videos.

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Aug 212008

Remember that infamous scene in the clut classic movie “Office Space” where the bluecollar neighbor dude answers the question:
What would you do if you had a million dollars?

His Answer:
Two Chicks at the same time.”

For all the horndog guys like me watching that movie it was a classic scene. lol

Well now Naughty America has a pornsite in its family of sites that specializes in fuck scenes featuring two girls and one guy called 2ChickSameTime.com. And it won’t cost you a million dollars to see all the xxx action!

2chickssametime amanda megan
All this dude wanted was his stapler back but Crista Moore and Gianna Lynn treat him to a hot threesome instead!

Some Tips on how to set it up so you get to fuck 2 chicks at the same time:
Now if you are serious about fucking 2 girls at the same time then you definitely have to work on creating the perfect environment for it to happen. First of all, make sure you are alone with the 2 chicks, preferably at your place. You need to be alone with the 2 girls cuz there is nothing worse than a buddy hanging around hoping for some action. Chances of an all-out gangbang happening are small so dont invite any other stuntcocks!

Make sure the girls have chemistry with each other:
Next, invite 2 girls who you preferably have already fucked before (separately) and who have chemistry with each other. 2 girls who have recently met each other and hit it off is good too. Chemistry is important. You dont want one of the girls to be a total bitch and they end up getting into an argument or killing the mood with petty bitchiness. You need 2 girls who are in a party mood and who like to talk (dont they all???).

2 chicks sametime
watch what happens when this office party gets outta control — yeaah… why don’t you just go ahead and click here to see the preview… thaannnks

Now make sure you have alot of booze and the whole night open. you dont want any time constraints. Get them talking about sex as soon as you can. Work on getting the discussion on kissing…

Get to Kissing:
Most girls love to kiss. Kissing for them really gets them hot and bothered and is the key to getting them to go further. If you can get to the point where you are kissing one in front of the other (or have them kiss each other) then you are on your way! Talk about kisssing and who kisses good and who doesnt then mention “actually, both of you are great kissers, I’d love to refresh my memory (Or if you have never kissed either of them “I bet both of you are great kissers, I’d love to find out”). I am going to flip a coin to see who I will kiss first.” Then pull out a coin and wait. Get into a teasing discussion about it then flip the coin when you see both of them thinking about it or after they have agreed to do it. Obviously this will all go over alot smoother if you get a few drinks into them so keep their wine glasses full and the conversation flowing. What you want is a couple of real drunken girls to have your way with!

2chicks sametime
This is the perfect setup to finally fucking 2 chicks at the same time – a horny dude, 2 hot milfs and a couple bottles of wine…

Now I wont get into specifics on how to physically fuck 2 girls at the same time – hopefully you dont need instruction on that because that would require me to write a book. But the biggest thing is to make sure to give equal treatment and attention to both girls. Its natural to want to bang one of the girls more than the other but you gotta hide it well. Give them both compliments as they suck your cock and you are banging them. You dont want one girl to feel left out or second fiddle – thats a sure fire way for your 3some ending real quick!

Good luck!

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Drunk and doublefisting in more ways than one:
See what happens when this girl has one too many beers!